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Want to burn calories and improve your fitness FAST? Spin is the perfect way to lose weight, tone your body and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Living around Mundaring riding up and down the huge hills and on some of the busy roads is difficult and can be dangerous, so come and enjoy a ride indoors with some pumping music to keep your motivation high.

Our Spin classes have proved to be very popular so we have added classes so that we don’t have to turn you away because all the bikes are full.

Now guys, spin is not just for the ladies, it a great cardio workout that doesn’t require too much coordination.

spin imageIf you’re a beginner, then keep an eye out for our 30 minute spin classes

Studies have shown that working out in the morning keeps you feeling more alert and increases your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day – so don’t touch that snooze button! We want to see you bright and early.

Check the timetable for our class times or contact us with any questions.

Spin Classes