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Class Timetables

Scroll to the bottom for a description of each class. The new timetable starts on Thursday 1st February 2018.

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What's it all about?

BOX-FIT Put some PUNCH into your workout. Take your conditioning to a new level with the simplest, most effective kickboxing workout on the planet! PUNCH ON WITH BOX-FIT! Bring your own gloves or borrow ours for free (inserts must be worn $2)

BARBELL Freestyle Barbell workout. Build muscle, burn fat and watch your body transform with BARBELL! The simplest most effective barbell class available today. SHOCK YOUR BODY INTO ACTION.

MULTIPLE MUSCLE MELT DOWN (MMM) This class combines cardio and weights working every muscle whilst burning calories. It uses weights, steps, bands, balls and body weight with some plyometrics for those who want to push a little bit harder.

SPIN -The best cardio/fat burning workout you can get. It really gets your heart racing. Suitable for beginners and all fitness levels. Great fun- come and try it.

30 Min SPIN - A short, high-intensity cardio and fat burning work out!

SPIN + SCULPT - Using small hand weights on the bike to get a good upper body workout combined with the benefits of spin. 

CIRCUIT - A class incorporating both cardio and weight training, perfect for those wanting a push to both tone up and lose weight! 

SWEAT - A high energy sweat session featuring cardio, boxing and hip hop mashups punctuated by twerking and body weight moves.

STEP - Good for beginners. A low impact combination workout that is cardio based and good for the legs. Work your way up to a good energetic hour. 

PILATES - this program focuses on the core postural muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine. The exercises involved create awareness of breathing and alignment of the spine whilst strengthening the deep torso muscles.

YOGA - Hatha yoga class suitable for all ages and fitness levels involving blending breath and movement through the practice of asanas. 

T'AI CHI - traditional Yang style - involves movement and breathing exercises involving the whole body and mind. It's great for general health, coordination, strength, circulation and posture. In the evening Barbara does Chi-Kung which has easy to follow continuous moves.

AQUA - A fun medium paced class featuring a mix of cardio, resistance and core body work followed by stretching and relaxation. This is a complete workout with the therapeutic benefits of exercising in water. This exercise is suitable for all fitness levels.

HIIT - 'High intensity interval training' - Mel will do 30 minutes of Meta Fit combining cardio and body weight excercises for a very good all over workout.

HIIT/ROLLER - 30mins 'High intensity interval training' followed by 30min using a foam roller to strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles.

LLLS SENIOR FITNESS CLASS -Jo will do 'Chair aerobics' for the young at heart. This class will incorporate a variety of moves to keep you strong, flexible and healthy. It replaces the LLLS session in the gym but anyone over 50 may join in.

For your safety it is important that you attend the warm-up & cool-down phase of classes.

Please Bring a Towel and water bottle.

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